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Having a nice website is not enough today. SEO lays the foundation for success, it is essential to rely on an expert.


Why ask for an SEO consultation

SEO is a technical and strategic job, it is not an advertising campaign, it is a real business investment that allows you to grow your visibility through ranking factors, thanks to which you can reach the top positions in Google searches. Nowadays a website without proper SEO is outdated for Google statistics, so potential customers will likely turn elsewhere. Taking care of SEO is therefore the best way to attract customers and crowd out the competition. Precisely because of its importance, SEO requires a lot of dedication, perseverance and professionalism in order to work for the best, only with the hard work of a professional can the desired results be achieved.

What an SEO Consultant does

Google is the king of the web. Most people looking for information, news, or products rely on him, probably even yourself. What an SEO consultant does is make your site “ glamorous ” in the eyes of Google so that they can show it off to others.

How to do SEO today

As already mentioned, SEO is a business investment that will only bring its results over time. You can’t talk about SEO by just entering keywords and hoping to get results like magic. SEO is a complex job, which requires strategy and method and considerable perseverance and dedication, an SEO professional must know how to reinvent himself day by day based on what Google asks. The factors and variants that SEO requires are many and different depending on the type of sector they are working on, each professional has their own strategies and methods, but in general the main factors on which to act to build the foundations of a solid SEO are:

  • Web Site architecture
  • Website or E-Commerce Content
  • UX / UI (this is the browsing activity on the site)
  • Vital signs of the site

How many types of SEO consultancy are there?

In principle it is correct to say that there is only one type of SEO consultancy since an agency that operates professionally will go by itself to operate on all the activities necessary to obtain maximum results. However, it is possible to request particular interventions on specific sectors:

  • Competitor Analysis “Keyword Research”

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Position

  • Local SEO Consulting 

  • WordPress SEO

  • E-Commerce SEO

  • Showcase Web Sites SEO

  • Link Building Consulting

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