Registration and Protection of the Trademark

To make your trademark official, recognized and protected in all his rights registration is required.

What trademark registration entails?

Registering your own trademark is an official recognized practice by the state which protects him in all his rights. Register Your Trademark In Italy, Community or International and Protect It From Competition. If you have a trademark and you dont’want that your competitors can copy it or use it whithout your consent, this is more suitable move.


The ”Brand Registration and Protection” service includes:

✔ Search for anteriority
✔ Necessary documentation’s preparation nd comunication
✔ Deposit taxes payment
✔ Practice start whithin one working day
✔ Deposit within 5 working days
✔ Deposit request’s delivery
✔ Final Certificate’s withdrawal assistance
✔ “Registered Trademark or Your Money Back” guarantee

More than 400 customers have already contact us

In last 15 years more than 400 customers have already contact us. Many of them had several trademarks to registrer, this allowed us to exceed the number of 800 trademarks already registered sucessfully. We believe that we can take care with succesfully even yours .
Our Italian trademark registration service will offer you:
✔ Trademark protection throughout italian territory for 10 years – This means that nobody, without your explicit consent will be able to use your trademark (or a similar) in italian territory. You will have the full exclusivity.
✔ Internet searches protection concerning your trademark
✔ the possibility of affixing the prestigious symbol ® on your trademark – it is useless to deny it: ® symbol will confer to your trademark a certain i do not know what prestige, authority and importance.

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